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Never able to sit still, I'm always on the go. With a camera at my side, I'm always seeking out a new adventure, experiencing a new place, living in a different culture, or meeting someone new.  My wanderlust has brought me to the far corners of the earth and I still have a lot of ground to cover.  


'Last Leaf', East Village, New York City

Chris Ford

Yes, I'm that guy who walks around with a vintage 35mm camera strapped to my neck, but it's for a worthy cause: I want to learn film film, and I'm finding the challenge has taken my photography down new creative paths that I wasn't realizing with digital photography. My latest film endeavor was with slide film, and I was pleased with what this medium could do. 

The beauty of slide film is hard to describe. Its vivid colors seem to jump off the screen, while its luminosity gives it a depth that's hard to match with a digital image. Photoshop can pump up the saturation of a digital image, but it can never match the color depth of a slide film photo; just look at the colors in the above image. 

It's not an easy medium to use, however. Of the thirty-six images I took with my roll of Provia 100F, two turned out well enough to put up on the internet. I was worth it, though. If you're interested in slide film, you can read more about the film here: