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Never able to sit still, I'm always on the go. With a camera at my side, I'm always seeking out a new adventure, experiencing a new place, living in a different culture, or meeting someone new.  My wanderlust has brought me to the far corners of the earth and I still have a lot of ground to cover.  

Lesson 1.0: Photography; The Study of Light


Lesson 1.0: Photography; The Study of Light

Chris Ford

First and foremost, set aside all of the new image enhancing software programs and new photography gadgets you may have purchased in the hopes of achieving the photo quality you saw on their website.  Here’s a little secret: yes, those images are wonderful, but they’re produced by professionals who have mastered the study of light.  Don’t throw them out! These programs will come in handy, but only after you learn the basics of photography’s relationship with light.

In this brief introductory lesson, I'll show you how a few simple basics on light can really enhance how you approach your photography.   

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