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How to Develop Black and White Film

Chris Ford

Processing your own black and white film is cheap, easy and fun. Below is a basic list of everything one needs to process every type of black and white film (the developing times will vary with each brand). Every item below can be purchased online. This list is a good place to start and it will cost you around $75. Other options are available, but the purpose of this post was to keep it simple and get you started. 

  1. Kodak D-76 Black & White Film Developer, Powder to Make 1 Gallon($5.79).
  2. Kodak Fixer Black & White Film and Paper, Powder to Make 1-Gallon($5.09).
  3. Adorama Archival Wash Aid for Black & White Film and Paper, 1 Quart Makes 11 Gallons($5.95)
  4. Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Photographic Wetting Agent, 16 Ounce Bottle($7.99).
  5. Ultra Universal Plastic Daylight Film Developing Tank for Film Sizes, 35mm, 120 and 220($29.95).
  6. Large Changing Bag, 27x30", for Bulk Loading Film($23.95).
  7. Dial Analog Thermometer with 6" stem($19.95).
  8. 600ml Plastic Graduate($9.95).
  9. Funnel($5.95)
  10. Clips($0.85)
  11. Latex Gloves($5.00)
  12. Scissors($3.00)
  13. 3 Empty Plastic Water Jugs($3.00)
  14. Bottle Opener($1.00) 

In my next post, I describe how to process your own black and white film using the items listed above. Click here to see it.