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Never able to sit still, I'm always on the go. With a camera at my side, I'm always seeking out a new adventure, experiencing a new place, living in a different culture, or meeting someone new.  My wanderlust has brought me to the far corners of the earth and I still have a lot of ground to cover.  



Morocco's White House

Casablanca, or the 'White House', is the primary economic and industrial hub of Morocco.  While it lacks the moorish characteristics of Morocco's imperial cities, the city still has a variety of sites and characteristics that makes this place worthwhile to visit.  The vibrant white buildings and orange coastal sunsets left its tonal impression on me and will forever remind me of my first stop in Morocco.  I recommend Casablanca as the starting point on your first journey to Morocco.  It's modern characteristics coupled with its traditional Moroccan roots is a great place to wet your feet before diving head first into the Imperial cities of Morocco.  

The cities port in the background is the largest in Northern Africa.  

Having to support a population of over 5M in the area, there's a marketplace around every corner.

Traditional Moroccan tea holders. 

More than any city in Morocco, Casablanca reminded of Cairo, Egypt.  This photo above is something you'd see in Egypt. 

The Hassan II Mosque or Grande Mosquée Hassan II is the largest mosque in all of Morocco.  

Watching the sun go down along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean is something I won't ever forget. 

Morocco has more oranges and lemons than any country I've ever experienced.  These trees fill the cities and countrysides.  Getting your daily dose of vitamin C is not an issue in Morocco.